UPDATE: considering that this how-to was very first written things have changed. Sony has released firmware 2.01 which makes this downgrade impossible. A PSP bricker trojan was released since of this antivirus software application will classify both the great as well as poor downgrade data as harmful. You must do a lot more research study into the present specify of the downgrade before attempting. As far as we understand our firmware links are still good, we are not holding them so we can not vouch for their safety.

C.K. Sample, III, TUAW / WIN blog writer as well as author of the forthcoming book, PSP Hacks, got his hands on the version 2.0 downgrader as well as composed up a comprehensive how- to total with pics for us. He even takes the additional steps to upgrade as well as downgrade yet again, just to make sure such a thing is possible.

As you can see, I have 2.0 running with the browser on my PSP.

step 1: download the downgrader from either here, right here or here. then make sure you get a copy of the original 1.5 firmware upgrader. I discovered my copy here.

step 2: link your PSP to your computer by means of USB. On your memory stick, produce a folder called update inside /PSP/GAME/ as well as location the EBOOT.PBP data from the 1.50 update inside this update folder.

step 3: Unzip decrease overflow.tif into your /PSP/PHOTO/ folder. put both h.bin as well as index.dat in the root of your Memory Stick.

step 4: Disconnect your PSP from your computer as well as plug in the AC adapter.

step 5: navigate to picture then Memory Stick by means of the PSP’s menu system as well as begin scrolling down with your pictures up until you reach the overflow.tif picture.

You’ll understand you’ve hit it when whatever freezes as well as you get a black screen with a lot of white text output.

If your PSP freezes without going to this black text screen, then hold the power button for about 10 seconds up until the PSP shuts down, then hit the power button once again to begin it back up. Repeat this step up until you get that black screen.

step 6: Don’t panic. Hold the power button for about 10 seconds up until the PSP powers off. hit the power button again. Your PSP will begin up, as well as if you navigate to your System Information, you’ll find that your PSP believes it is running version 1.0 of the firmware. It isn’t as well as you cannot run homebrew (yet).

step 7: navigate to Game–>Memory Stick, hit the X button, as well as navigate to the 1.5 updater. Make sure you have your PSP plugged in or the upgrade won’t work. Click the X button as well as update like you usually would. At the end of the upgrade you will get an error stating that the upgrade failed as well as to get in touch with Sony. Don’t panic. neglect this as well as once again force your PSP to power off as well as reboot.

step 8: After the PSP reboots you will get an error screen that is frightening as well as confusing since it is in several languages. Don’t panic. discover the language you can comprehend as well as checked out the corresponding line. It notes that your preferences are fragged as well as that you requirement only hit the O button to bring back some default-ish settings. hit the O button.

step 9: The PSP will begin back up as well as you will go with the preliminary configuration like the day when you very first gotten your PSP. Do so as well as then go to the system information pane again, where you will see that you are rocking version 1.5. Run homebrew at will. I ran with this entire procedure, then I downloaded the 2.0 update as well as installed that again, as well as then yet once again went with the entire procedure again. It works like a charm. It’s a bit time-consuming, however you can have the very best of both worlds. ha det gøy!

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